Thursday, April 27, 2006

I admit defeat

orangina has bested me. to the best of my skills I seem destined to not be able to knit more than an inch or two of sucessful repeats before the big screw up occurs.
I have decided to forgo my KAL and start something else, if for no other reason than to remind myself that I am intellegent, can read patterns and can actually make something without wanting to toss it across the room.
so instead we are working on the shapely tank in the lovely cactus flower shaded Flash I got at the classic elite warehouse sale. As well the rose colored Cascade 220 I ordered from ebay arrived today so I may make verison 2.0 of the cabled pullover. I like how the original purple came out but there are a few modifications I'd like to attempt, one of which is lengthing the body so that it's not the crop top the first one seems to be.
Kendra was over earlier and said if I write out what I want and buy the materials we can probably convince her dad to construct me a blocking board.
I still think ply wood with cork board on it, plus some fabric to cover the possible stains that could bleed up from either wood or cork would rock my socks. I could even put a layer of batting between the cork and the fabric to really bulk it and make it nice and pin friendly.
She also said maybe having it be 2 pieces that fold would be good since then it can be long if it needs it, and shorter if not.... I like the thinkings... people let's talk since I'd like to brainstorm more before committing to commissioning mr soule to make me something :)
I have lost one of my blue inca alpaca wristwarmers. I do not know where or how... it makes me sad. but I do have some more yarn left over so I can make another one... but I really wonder where it could have gone.
alas..... it was more sad how I discovered it since I was in need of using them in my office when I noticed it was missing :(
ok I think I'm going to crash. the red sox are sucking the life out of me. or I'm just tired and want to try and sleep early for once. or maybe I'll knit some more of the tank top... we'll see!
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Damn. I'm so sorry you've had so many problems with Orangina.

Your idea for a homemade blocking board sounds awesome--I can't wait to see it. Also, did I mention how proud I am that you've not only conquered a sweater, but you want to try different mods on it? Be still my heart. :)
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