Friday, April 21, 2006

orangina update

orangina has not been my best friend so far. I finally got the yarn and once the cabled sweater was done being knitted (blocking and seaming still to come) I set about starting.
and that's when the trouble began.
I could not locate any wooden (bamboo or otherwise) size 3 circs so I gave in and got some inox metal since my sock needles are inox so I figured it would be ok.
umm no.
well not totally true. they seem to be fine needles. but me and cotton and them are really having serious issues.
it took forever for me to get the pattern down enough to swatch and then let's not talk about the amt of restarts since casting on the required 112 stitches.
but for now I finally have about 2" of the pattern down on the needles. 3 reps so far and no issues this time. but this is take #6? so it could get worse.

I will need Chrissy to remind me how to make lifelines so I can do that going forward. I think I will cry if I have to frog it again.

ok so I am going to go find a bit of food and then maybe even knit at my desk for a bit. It's friday. it's a calm day so I may take advantage and slack a bit. just a wee bit. since next week will be another killer week since it's almost time to start month end again!
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Where did you buy your Rowan? I ordered some from a store in AR, but I've been too lazy to call them up and get it straight.

Good luck with the Orangina this weekend. *mwa*
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