Tuesday, May 09, 2006


after the disaster of orangina I moved on to the shapely tank. And it is completed. ok not totally since that evil thing known as seaming needs to be done. but the knitting part is done.
and I made a petal bib from One Skein and it's soooo adorable!
it's for one of melissa's 2 new baby cousins. I have another to cast on and make which I will hopefully start soon. maybe friday? I am meeting chrissy and her mom and sissypoo tomorrow night and I'd sort of promised lace I'd go see her boy's play thursday.
so knitting must be post poned a few days. well petal bibs at least since they involve some concentration. I need to make at least 1 more for mel, and then if I have time before the 20th I want to make one in pink for becca's shower. I also have a skein of natural colored cotton to make either the baby bolero or the baby kimono sweater....
which I would like to start in time for the shower....

gosh! there's lots to do. I don't feel so accomplished anymore....

ok to bed with me... allergies have been kicking my butt and I need some rest!
go sox! let's hope they can keep this up tomorrow with schill on the hill. 14-3 is a very nice score.....
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