Wednesday, June 28, 2006

feeling the slacker

not on the actual knitting spectrum but on the posting end. it's been far too long since I've posted here. the shapely tank got finished, and gifted to Chrissy since it was a bit too large for me and the idea of ripping it all out was not a desirable thing. It fit Chrissy perfect so why not!
I've also almost finished a test pattern for a tank top on the knitting livejournal, just working on the straps, and the main commitment of life at present is my baby blanket for Winnie. Her shower is on the 22nd and I'd really like to finish it before then.
plus I've made 3 of the petal bibs from one skein. 2 were at the request of Melissa (which I still need to actually GIVE her) for her new baby cousins and one was for Becca's little girl (born just 12 days ago!)
I've also added rather than subtracted to the stash with some loverly mohair and other fun things snagged at yarn over marblehead and knit/purl. Autumn loves to poke fun at the stash. what can I say, I'm eclectic on my purchases, hers tends to be smaller and just all sock yarns.

so I'll try and get better at this and update more as things get finished.... promise!
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