Friday, November 10, 2006

wow I suck

I am so terrible at updating here. I don't mean to slack it just happens.
let's see. lots of knitting going on around here. not a lot of seaming and or finishing though.
have the blue ribbed sweater from vintage knits done... and in pieces.
have made 1 mohair tube, and am in the process of a 2nd (for kendra's wedding, as a nice gifty) plus a thinner one from the score of sale mohair at yarn over marblehead this summer. nice limey greenness.
plus 1 shedir got finished and dropped at seed stitch for the hat tree, another one is 1/2 done and is for ME!
the Anya sweater is 1/2? done in that the front is finished, the back is almost complete and the sleeves need knitting. and then dreaded seaming. hopefully this can be done before the 11/30 hope for photos to send to Jo Sharp.
oh and I need to make a stocking for my sister for christmas. or well for her apt for christmas since she doesn't want to take her one from home to NYC.
got the yarn for that last night. :)
I think that's all the knitting excitement. oh! save winnie's baby blanket. that got done within days of the shower and she loved it. and it made my day that the 1st pics we saw of beth some of them had her in her blankie. :) so so so cool.

ok must find food. I'm at work and so I want to make this quick. but I am alive (for those few people who read this) just a lazy bum when it comes to the knitting journal.

we will not discuss the disappointing sox season. injuries did a number and it was a bummer. I have hope for 2007, esp if they keep people I want. Resign Gonzo and keep the Trot! (ok the trot thing doesn't really have merit since he's injury prone but I adore him and want him here anyways. it's more fun with him around)

seriously. lunch. and now that I've successfully remembered my password maybe this whole updating thing will happen more often?
we can only dream.
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